This article also posted on <A href="">Article Base</A> <br><br>MVP Network is a 15 year old company based out of St. Louis, MO that develops multiplayer games for global distribution. They specialize in 3D interactive sports games that includes Golden Fairway Golf, Liars Poker, Redline Thunder, Redline Thunder Grand Prix, Home Town Soccer, and Home Town Bowling. With the explosion in the gaming industry MVP Network announced its new marketing division,<A href="" target=”_blank”/><strong><font color=#e1771e>My Game Business</font></strong></A>,that allows anyone to take advantage of the New Business Opportunity in the Gaming Industry like never seen before. <br><br>MVP has no competition when it comes to the exact games they offer, which can be very inviting for someone considering a home business. As a distributor of MVP's products you simply share the games with people who are interested in that particular sport. For example, you can find thousands of people online in the social networking sites like <A href=";ref=name/" target=”_blank”/><strong><font color=#e1771e>Facebook</font></strong></A> who love golf, racing, poker, bowling, soccer etc. <br><br>Additionally, there are hundreds of <A href="" target=”_blank”/><strong><font color=#e1771e>Sports Forums</font></strong></A> online that pertain to each of those niches you can join and start conversations with people relating to a particular sport and simply leave your game link in your signature file. Other ways distributors find game players is through their local market place by working with local business owners to pass out "free game bucks" in return for advertising in the games. <br><br>If you have ever considered an online home business you were probably overwhelmed with information from competing companies selling you why they are the greatest business. Consider having a legitimate online business where you would not have to compete in the same areas with hundred of thousands of other online marketers all going after the same people looking for home business opportunities. One of the great things about this business is you can take your games off line just as easy as on line making this a very unique home business opportunity. You can approach golf courses, bowling alleys, sports recreation facilities, casinos, etc to build the business without having to know anything about Internet Marketing. This is by far one of the most unique home based business opportunites you will find anywhere. <br><br>My Game Business does not break the bank for most people either. You can start by purchasing one game license for only $99 and that gives you full access to the back office, which allows you to market and promote all of the games not just the one you own. Currently the company offers 6 games for distribution that you can purchase for $495, which gives you all future game releases at no extra cost. The main advantage of purchasing the game package is you get the rights to the ad manager. The Ad Manager allows the distributor to control all the in in-game advertising and opens up the market to a wider auidience. You can place click bank products as well in your games that pertain to that particula niche. The ad manager currently is available when you buy the game package either as a one-time purchase or individually until you have reached five games. The company is anticipating making this offer for only a limited time and then be sold separately for $2,000.<br><br>Game Players have the ability to try the games before making any purchases. Once they decide to upgrade to full game mode they will pay a monthly fee for unlimited downloads. Depending on the game they chose there will be a multitude of options to purchase tokens to buy more golf balls, hit the ball further, upgrade for better tires, buy more more poker chips, etc. Gamers have proven to come back again and again spending money playing games they enjoy. With the release of My Game Business those gamers and anyone else can now make money selling games and earn a great income doing it. It's a simple downloand right to their PC.<br><br>Once you have 3 personal sales you qualify for group commissions and allows you to leverage thousands of other distributors efforts in your oranization. MVP decided to go the extra mile with their pay plan by paying 10% all throughout the organization. "It's network marketing the way it was supposed to be," one of the top internet marketers said when my game business first launched. When you compare other home business products and the compensation plan they do not come close to paying as well as my game business does. Do the math and you will find the monthly residuals staggering. Even if you do not like playing online games you will most certainly love selling them. <br><br>December 2, 2008 MVP Network announced the release of Golden Fairway Golf Fundraiser, a free program that allows charities to host <A href="" target=”_blank”/><strong><font color=#e1771e>virtual golf tournaments </font></strong></A>as fundraisers. "Any nonprofit organization can be on its way to hosting a fundraising golf tournament in cyberspace," said Paul Schneider, president and founder of MVP Network, Inc. A distributor will be able to offer fund raisers giving the non profit the ability to raise additional revenue in a fun environment and without having to organize a big event. Although you do not collect any money from these arrangements you get to collect all the information from each participant, which everyone knows is important. When a participant decides to upgrade to full game mode you make money. If a participant has a bad round of golf the software allows up to 25 rounds to be able to post a good score. All games are run on the PC and do not require any additional software to play the games.<br><br>Take advantage of this opportunity while the gaming industry is booming and while there are hundreds of thousands of people looking for a way to make extra money in this economy. Multiplayer Sports Games with MVP Network will no doubt take the Internet by storm and will be life changing for many people whether you play online games or not.