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Play Liars Poker - At the start of a hand, each player is given a unique eight digit serial number. To play liars poker the first person makes a bid, which is a guess as to how many of a certain digit is contained in the combination of all the serial numbers. For example, a bid of 2-4's means that the bidder believes there will be at least two fours found when combining all of the serial numbers together.

Play Liars Poker - Each player in turn has to call the previous bidder a liar, meaning he or she believes there will not be that many digits contained in the combination of all serial numbers; or make a higher bid. A higher bid is either a higher count of any digit (for example, 5-3's is higher than 2-4's), or the same count of a higher digit (for example, 2-6's is higher than 2-4's). Again, each player must make a higher bid or call the previous bidder a liar.

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While you play liars poker the bid will eventually get high enough where all other players will call the bidder a liar. When this happens, all serial numbers will be revealed, and the digits will be counted. If the bidder's bid was untrue (for example, there was only 1-4 when the bidder bid 2-4's), then the bidder will give each person a point. However, if the bidder's bid was true (for example, there were 5-4's when the bidder bid 2-4's), then each player gives a point to the bidder.

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Click to the Join Table tab. It informs me that My Challenge has been accepted.
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