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Golden Fairway is a golf game simulator with real 18 hole online multiplayer game competition. You can play golf online in competitions or play sports games online on multiple courses by yourself. Charity fundraiser golf events are held at Golden Fairway weekly. Corporate sponsors use Golden Fairway as an advergame for advertising products. As a free golf game you can upgrade to full game status at any time and enjoy playing in tournaments and for money against anyone in the world.

Upgrade From Free Golf To Full Game Mode And Get The Full Benefit To Play Golf Online

You can win thousands of dollars playing for Golf Balls at Golden Fairway. You can get 10 Golf Balls by exchanging 100 of your play tokens to purchase your Golf Balls. Once you have Golf Balls, you challenge other players to play golf online for golf balls. When you challenge another player to play for Golf Balls, the winner is awarded the Golf Balls used to join the challenge.

Golf Balls can be redeemed for 5 cents each. A minimum of 400 Golf Balls is required in your account to receive a $20.00 USD cash payment from the company. There is no limit to the number of golf balls you win while you play online. Cash payments made to you are paid Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00PM Central USA time.

Play Golf Online Registration

You can register by clicking on the Register option on the menu to the left, or, If you like, you can run the game and use the Register Now button. Either option will bring you to the account registration screen. Fill out all the basic information as prompted, and you will be registered and ready to play golf online. 

Playing the Game

Once you have an account you're ready to get in and play. Just double click the new Golden Fairway icon on your desktop anytime you want to run the game. We recommend that you quit all other applications before playing to have the best experience possible. Golden Fairway allows you to play golf online and is a free free download.

While you play golf online you need to be able to hit the ball and change your aim correctly. There is a Minimap of the item in the top right corner of the screen in a miniature map, or minimap, of the course. This allows you to quickly see the layout of the course, as well as see where you are currently aiming your shot. The yellow flag represents the hole, and the red and white pole is where your shot is currently aimed. To move the pole, left click anywhere on
the minimap or on the actual course itself in the main window. Keep in mind that the pole only represents direction and not power, as power is controlled by the shot ring itself.

The Shot Ring Left click the ball labeled "Shot" to start the Shot Ring in action. Left click the ball again to set the power of the shot, the closer to the mark at the bottom of the ring (6:00 o'clock), the more powerful the shot will be. After the second click the cursor will move in the opposite
direction back towards the top of the ring. To set the accuracy of the shot, left click as close as you can to the mark at the top (12:00 o'clock).

Play golf online today and enjoy free golf today and welcome to the Webs Home to play golf online!



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